I think you’ve heard of this site about The ONLY provider of Aged 2009 – 2014 Facebook Accounts with Activities.

Now why activities matter? Think about it, common sense, what’s the point of buying an aged account that was just profiled PVA’ed and shit. It’s just an empty account right? If you run Facebook how can you determine the trust level of an account? Because it was created in 1998 and since then there’s no activity? Nice…

I’m a straight forward guy so let me tell you pros and cons of my service right now to save your precious time.


These are how my accounts look:

  • NEW: Login with Cookies – Instantly logged in
  • Posting statuses regularly
  • Uploading CASUAL images (any normal account looks so “photogenic” or looks like a pr0n star? NO!)
  • Sharing page/friend posts
  • Interacting (like/love/angry/wow/sad) with friend posts and commenting on friend/page posts too
  • CHAT with friends (now tell me which provider does sell this account?)
  • Used the accounts for various games and services
  • Streamed live videos etc…
  • Anyway these are real user accounts. I don’t sell bot created shit at this price. Each account is attached to a real person in real life. No nice internet photos ever. My accounts are the best type of account you’ve ever found.
  • Accounts always come with cookies for instant login. Unless you use a tool that doesn’t support importing cookies then you’ll have to wait 3 days to unlock the accounts with Date of Birth method.
  • You don’t have to subscribe to pricey proxy services.

Here’s the warranty that I offer:

  • If you’re unable to login to any of the accounts for the first time (dead/wrong password accounts), I will give you replacements and replacements of replacements until you got your full order.
  • I will guarantee that you’re able to log into the account successfully. What you do after that is your responsibility. Do NOT abuse this.


  • All accounts are from USA, Philippins, Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia, Argentina (UPDATE: Saudi Arabia and Japan coming soon) – but you’re still able to login to the account from anywhere, WITHOUT using proxies.
  • accept Paypal payments.
  • I accept Cryptocurrencies (BTC whichever is easier and less fees for you) and Skrill as my payment methods for now.
  • There’s no trial, no demo, no “review copies”. Do NOT ask for a free account. You can always buy just one account to test. And you can always ask to see the account UID but not having its credentials, please note that some accounts don’t use Public audience so probably you can only see profile picture being uploaded, not the activities on the account.

Most important: you don’t have to subscribe to shit proxy services that costs you thousands MONTHLY. Why the fuck are you still thinking about using v4 IP addresses as proxies? v4 IP addresses are already exhausted. Fact! There are tens of thousands of marketers who have already abused those proxies. “Virgin” proxy is just a marketing technique. How the hell can you check its virginity? Plus you think FB is stupid enough to be unable to check the datacenter of the proxy server you’re using.

Now you’ll say “residential proxy” services. Come on… Are you running like 5 accounts? Will that cover your proxy cost?

In short, you will NOT need to subscribe to any proxy services to use my accounts. You should not ever.

Now if you have any further question or are ready to buy a test account (yes I suggest everyone to buy ONE to test). Hit me up to see how good the profiles are.