0. Hey! I hit a checkpoint right after logging in using username/password, what’s the problem? Bad accounts?

No, you will have to wait 72h and login again on that same machine and then you will provide date of birth to pass the checkpoint. Unfortunately that’s how it works. But don’t worry, we have a very nice warranty promise.

You should have used the cookies!

1. What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept Cryptocurrencies , paypal, and Skrill as my payment methods for now.

2. Tell me about the accounts you are selling?

Aged Facebook accounts with activities like posting statuses, uploading videos, sometimes live videos, profiled, interactions etc…

Country: US, Philippins, Indo, Malaysia.

And able to login from anywhere around the world. All in all these are real accounts, it’s like your own personal facebook account.

3. What info do you provide?

We will provide you an excel file with ID, Password, Date of Birth and Cookies, FULL backup image friends, Email + pass email.

4. What’s the TAT? Refund Policy?

Usually within 24h (few minutes actually, talk to me to check stock first) – Maximum of 72h.
Once your order is completed, no refund will be provided. Only replacements will be provided (check Warranty Period)
If we fail to deliver your order after 72h, we will contact you directly to explain the problem and ask if you’d like to have your order completed or refund.

5. Warranty Period

Generally, we offer very nice warranty promise:

  • if you hit facebook checkpoints, do NOT panic, wait 72h and login again, you will be able to pass the checkpoint by entering date of birth and option choose photo friends which was provided.
  • replacements for wrong password or any other problems within 48h started at delivery.

We do NOT provide warranty for used accountspassword has been changed. When you see the account’s news feed, that’s it, anything you do after that is your responsibility. We do NOT ever cheat so we expect our customers to do the same.

6. Will you resell sold accounts to other customers?

Absolutely not! Once it’s gone it’s gone. We removed sold accounts from our database and we don’t keep track of sold accounts.